Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Mania #janellekeithquoteswithpictures

Sometimes Brent says some facts that make me react in ways you would not expect.  And there are times I pop off with the first thought that floats through my mind.  That's where most of the #janellekeithquotes were really born.  These are my reactions to his words.  Or random words that pass through the grey matter.  They are also my reactions to my life.  And this is were God loves to deal with me.  In words.

Brent has added his accent to my quotes.  

Yes, you have to click this link to see the funniness!  This is Brent's second attempt at putting humor by adding cartoons to my words.

Here's first attempt, and yes you will have to click this sentence to see it.  (Don't you love the way I am making you jump through my blog hoops?)

And believe it or not..there is really is more to this #janellekeithquotes story!  One more time to enjoy some horribly funny stuff!

Now for the hard question.  It's been posed to me that I should put these silly little slices of my life on a V-neck t-shirt.  That's all good and fine in the conversations of things of this nature, but I want to know if you are serious!  If you are and you would like one for your very have to read this post and then leave a comment saying so.  Otherwise...guess what people, I will think you are just pulling my blog-lovin leg.  

And if we are friends, and I would like to think we are, then I would wish that you wouldn't be toying with the thought.  And since I can't read your mind, I can't assume that this t-shirt idea that displays my quotes is a good idea.  

Thanks for reading today!  I hope you enjoyed your stay!
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