Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Mania 2.0

Nerds will be nerds

We had some super-technological geniuses come to work last week and install some radio computer equipment that apparently had so much tera-byte-gigs and mega-super-duper chips of Internet power that one of them said "It could launch a missile to the moon and back."  Wow...when they were explaining how all of it would work in our eyes started to glaze over.  I think I lost some brain cells that day as they imploded upon hearing all that techno-talk.  I'll never be the same.

I went to see Kari Jobe in concert in Oklahoma City with some great friends and it was an incredible night of worship.  Not because she sings awesomely sweet melodies but because God is awesomely sweet at the way only He can speak love through notes played by instruments strummed and hummed by humans.  Best part though was a close encounter with my Savior.  I'll never be the same.

This is probably photo shopped Africa
I went to Africa once and plan to go back.   Still to this day..I go back there everyday in my mind.  I think about the kids and the joy and happiness we received from them.  Their smiles make me smile.  International missions has really penetrated me to the point that I hear their voices cry out in my heart.  When I hear them...I am never the same.

When I see this I come unglued.
There are few things I face almost on a daily basis because I live with boys.  And more and more frequently, I get to experience the life altering empty toilet paper roll.  Please...whoever you are, if you are reading this Monday Mania post today...please I implore pay-it-forward when it comes to bathroom tissue.  It's just a nice and thoughtful thing to do.  You could be in the same situation someday.  I'll never be the same because I just told you that.

I tried to watch another reality-yet-scripted show on The Learning Channel the other day that should also be called a train wreck for your eyes.  I had kind started to like it (almost) until they dropped some inappropriate language in the script to "enhance" the already rehearsed conversations.  If you don't know me, well just know this, I have zero tolerance for cussing.  I immediately turned it off, and  launched into a mini-sermon-ette on Facebook.  Here goes...
"Well this is just my opinion, but the language that they put into the show to get people to watch was a real turn off for me. It's not been that bad up to this week's show. But I also have a TV Guardian. So I didn't hear it anyway. But when the producers blur the word as it is coming out of the mouths, and you still know what they are saying, that is a deal breaker for me. I rather go look at a post. I don't need all that junk in my brain. Seriously TLC???  That doesn't add to the content of the show. It turns a semi-odd but funny family into a sad display. Frankly, I will pass."
I am different again since I shut that show off. 

A friend of mine, let's call her Haylee Frazier, says that I use math everyday.  I said, "Nuh...uh...not me...I hate math everyday."  She said, "Did you solve any problems today?"  "No, pretty sure I caused problems, now you solve that."  She wants to be a math teacher someday.  She didn't look at me the same after hearing that.  Looks like we both have a lot to learn.
I like this bow of many colors.

Ok, so let's wrap up this little Monday post in a pink little bow, shall we?  Thanks for reading today.

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