Friday, September 28, 2012

Can You Give God Five Minutes? {Fall}

I love fall.  I love the glorious colors that emerge from trees that will soon transition to rest.  

I love the gentle flow of the leaves as they fall.  I could sit for hours.

It's peaceful here God in your Presence.  Why do I leave?

The fall leaves remind me of change, glorious changes and changes that glorify you Father.

What changes have you experienced over this wonderfully dry summer?

I wish you could look at my would see those spiritual stretch marks that only a mother could see... of God's work, His expansion...making room for Him.  

I am not who I was.

I am glowing...I am shining His love.

I have joy. your rest...God, as I look as the fallen leaves. Time alone with You is good.  Thank you for letting me touch your face.  Your soft and gentle touch soothes.

God you are Holy, you are good.  
None compares...all over the earth.  
Not even the beauty seen in your creation.  God I am ever so grateful that you don't compare me with others.  
Thank you for the eyes of love in which you see my fall colored patterns, uniquely as Your bold display.

I am so humbled by your Awesomeness...God... 
I love you more than I can speak.  
More than the rustling wind, 
the explosion of creation,
the fruit box on which I sit, 
or that next plate of cookies. are Holy...and Awesome...and mighty in this fallen place.  
My heart falls in worship Jesus.  
All glory is given to you, one who lives in the this newly formed and fallen heart.  Thank you for giving me Your Daily Bread.  Thank you that you love me!

\o/  God, you are enough...for this new season of quiet rest with you.  You are...
I am speechless...It feels like there is not enough praise inside of me...\o/ 

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