Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Mania - Homecoming

Homecoming at Oklahoma State University means about 90,000 people, students, family members and alumni alike cram in into 6 block area and do the "Walkaround" looking at these intricately ingenious crafts of chicken wire, tissue paper, wood and wonder.  The creations made by caffeine-injected students are an absolute unbelievable imagination put together with many, many hours of hard work, sweat, and tears.  I bet those people must sleep for a month afterward. 

Here is the deck I thought was the best...I don't know how you make small squares of tissue paper behave.

Another thing that happens is this.  Ummm....

And you never know when a super hero will show up and save homecoming!

This post is ending up to be all pictures...
I made a new board on Pinterest called Awkward Family Photos & Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  
It's point is to post the obvious wonderfulness this combination can bring...

You think you've embraced all the awkwardness and then you realize she's holding a goat.

Speaking of the awkward, Christmas and goats...are you having a homecoming or home-going this holiday season?

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