Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just Like You

I think I have made this look easy... this writing gig.  You probably think that I can write out whatever is most current or cute, or what might have my heart torn apart.  Perhaps it's just "Publish" and that's it.  Easily connect a thought with the verse and I've got a nice tidy, neat pristine post...with heroine effects.  

That's not exactly how that works.  And last time I checked the hero part...yeah that doesn't happen at all. 

There are days when you wouldn't believe how I struggle with what to put here.  But ultimately ..I leave that to God.  Most of what you read here is from my personal prayer journal or devotional time.  Or the current undertow that God is bringing me through.  

More specifically there are many times that I need to read what I write, because I am need to hear what I write too.    
I forget.  Just like the Israelites.  I need to be reminded

Just like you, I need to know that I am loved by an eternal Love.  I need to hear Him whisper my name. 
Just like you, I would like to know God's plan when it doesn't make sense.
Just like you, I would like to paint on those rose-colored, faith-filled, know-all-the-answers to life's Why?
Just like you, some nights I don't sleep well, because there is a verse, question, or thought on my mind.  
Just like you, I don't like peeking into my insecure places.
Just like you, I am embarrassed when I cry.
Just like you, I wish I could memorize the entire book of scripture like Eli did.
Just like you, I wonder if you ever thought about why your life is so hard right now?  

When I write it gives me courage and validates my faith in God and because I get to tell about who God is and what He means to me.  And in doing that I remember Who He is.  

I need to read what I write so that I remember.  See?  ....I need to hear it too.

Just because I have been down a trail or two doesn't mean I got it right the first time or that there wasn't another lesson to learn the second time around.   Or that there is another lesson to learn.  

Writing for me is my remembering of God's faithfulness.  It's a benchmark, or a milestone of this faith journey.  The heavy hitter posts are mile markers in the life and tell me that I am passing through.  I need to remember each lesson is a watermark of where God has been and is working in my soul.  And this journey is far from over.

Thanks for being a traveling buddy who is willing to read but also to encourage me on those days I don't feel like I get it right...but want to keep trying.      

Just like you, I need to be reminded.   How do you remember who God is?

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