Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Mania - Calling all Turkeys

It's the season of giving and being thankful.  But shouldn't that be a daily thing instead of a seasonal or calendar thing?

God been giving us awesome and beautiful sunsets, have you been catching those too?

And the trees...have been dropping their beauty at our feet, but first getting our attention with their stirring and striking colors!  You know the dry summer has helped make this season colored with more beautiful hues.  That's one good take away from the dryness we suffered all summer long.

We had our first Saturday of Turkey 4 Tunes, collecting turkeys for families in need with the Salvation Army.  Our listeners represented the spirit of giving well!  Almost 300 turkeys!  I am particularly proud that Stillwater residents represented with 115 turkeys!

But most impressive was little Earl.  Earl was a walk-in volunteer brought by his uncle Sean.  Earl had gotten in trouble at school and was suspended for two days.  His uncle wanted to teach him a community service lesson.  So Uncle Sean brought him to the Stillwater Turkey 4 Tunes event.  Earl was 8 I think.  He really didn't want to be there at first.  He was embarrassed to tell me why he got into trouble.  But it didn't matter to me.  I gave him a job right away to make him a part of the event.  Earl took up the challenge of giving a kid bracelet with a Jesus saying on it to the kids who went buy.  Earl did quite well at that.  But what was the most impressive and notable was his excitement at each turkey given.  I think he was surprised to see the love of Christ in action by the generosity of those bringing turkeys.  When he arrived he thought the "community service" gig was going to be boring and mundane.  When he left, he thanked me and gave me a hug.  He was so glad he came and was wishing he could do it again.  Oh little Earl, how sweet your spirit was.  Earl, you didn't know it, but you showed the love of Christ by serving without complaining.

As I think about the things I am thankful for today...and every day, I am especially thankful that when a disaster strikes, like Sandy, that God works through the mundane, and the chaos.  He brings together a community ready to serve with giving and generous spirits.  People are giving of their money, time, talents and love to help those who are in need.  And that's living compassion in Christ.  That's God's goodness at work when tragedy strikes.   

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