Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Mania - Socks and Such

I am starting a sock revolution.  Not many are adopting it though.  Some of you think I am crazy for wearing two different colors of socks with my Toms shoes.  Guess...what?  It's just what I do.  It's my personality emerging from my feet.  Really, it's just that I am too lazy to match my socks out of the dryer.  So most days, I grab the two socks on top of the sock stack and my world of socks is revolutionized.

The past two weekends The House FM has been collecting turkeys for the Salvation Army.  It's been hard work but rewarding.  One comment made was..."I have been in a place where I needed this help.  I want to give back as I had been given."  The lady said that as she put two turkeys into the shopping cart.  That warmed my heart to see her live compassion.  I love seeing God move through his people to take care of those who need a little extra help.  Thanks everyone who gave back to Turkey 4 Tunes.

There have been some significant changes that have blown through my life.  I have spent a lot of time praying and pondering God's word to me regarding those changes.  Isn't it wonderful the way God speaks to you just as you need to hear it?  

Not sure what Andy is looking at.
Hope you have had a chance to catch the new morning show on The House FM radio station:  Wake Up! with Andy & Janelle.  Andy and I post pins to Pinterest daily so you don't miss any important information that we talk about, including cats.  Yup, they make our show often.  The name of the show is not only for the time of day, but also a call to discipleship as the children of God to wake up and be the church as God has called us to be.  

A truth that I landed on again this past week is... we can't trust God in areas where we have our own plan or agenda in place.  He can and will direct your steps, your tomorrows, your next moves.  Proverbs 3: 5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight."

Some encouragement that I have received lately is through some dear friends who have sent me to my own words as encouragement.  I am amazed at how God can use this broken, desperate, and looking-for-answers writer to reach you.  

Thank you for reading today.  For fun...wear some socks that don't match.  :)
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