Friday, January 11, 2013

"We Received the Most Beautiful Thing"

God came near this family in their most desperate time of need.  Thank you for making a difference...

Dear staff and listeners of The House FM, My name is Mellaney. Some of you probably remember my name from a letter I wrote to The House early in December. I wanted to take a moment of your time to thank everyone for your prayers and generous contributions.
                At the beginning of October my husband and I had reached a very hard financial situation.  We had never been it a situation like that before. The day I wrote the letter, I watched my husband make phone call after phone call just trying to find some help to keep our family afloat. Time and time again he was told that whom he called could not help us. It was heartbreaking. It was at that moment that I stopped and prayed for guidance. While I was still praying I could hear God inflicting upon me to write the letter. Just writing the letter I felt a rush of relief. It was like I had been floating on a raft out in the middle of the ocean and someone had come to my rescue. I didn’t know what God’s plan was but I knew that he was going to lead me to where we needed to go.
God had implemented our prayers on the hearts of many. A lot of wonderful things started happening for us. My children’s school helped us with food and Christmas presents for the kids. I received a call from Billy and Tina Hatford. Their family took time out from their holiday schedule to plan a last minute magic show for us with help from other members of The Fellowship of Christian Magicians.  It was marvelous and we will never forget it. On the same day as the magic show I received a call from The House. They told me that some of their listeners had made generous contributions for us. My family and I have truly been blessed. Because of the generosity from everyone, we were able to get all of our bills paid, get some of the things back that we had pawned, and still have some left over to keep us from getting behind while my husband and I get situated at our new jobs.               
 This was the Christmas we thought that we would not have but we received the most beautiful thing. God blessed us with a miracle and a testimony of how His people can work together to be the body of Christ. Thank you all so much for everything.
Love, Mellaney and family.
Thank you for giving the difference.  This is what matters.
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