Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dear you

It may look like it comes easy, but it doesn't.  Some days, knowing what to share with you and what to keep inside, reveal some uncertain areas for me.  I have a tendency to just spill my spiritual guts but also selfishly I don't want to open up to you.
Until that one person says...."I love what you are doing on your blog."  That was so kind of you to say...random lady on the street corner.
Honestly, it's not what I am doing with this blog.  It's more importantly what God is doing with this.    I am just one who sits and lets the words flow through her heart.
It seems I am always writing something uncomfortable or incomplete.  Not good enough.  I understand now this is continuing story.  God's continuing story in me to you.

Dear you...
So why am I writing this today?  I just wanted to say thanks for being faithful to show up here to read my heart today.  Here's a big 'ole heart hug for you.  Guys, you only get one of those side hugs, awkward...I know.
You have been so supportive to read, comment and share.  Well, some of you have.   I remember when I first started this thing.  It was really for no reason than to be heard.  My first post was about my favorite subject...shoes.  But what God has done in the process of this practice is to let His heart be heard.

He has helped my find my writing voice.  It's different.  I just hope it connects with you.
One thing you need to remember today, if nothing else hits you with this, is that you matter to God.  I can remember when I wrote a post about mascara.  It was one of the most impacting posts and life-changing for one reader.  I didn't realize it at the time but when I got a life update from her the other day, wow...has God done a wonder in her life.  That's what happens when you allow God to wander through your heart.  I come away changed every time, and it's what I pray, that His heart that is reflected here.
Will I make some grammar errors?  yes.
Will I make some crazy life analogies?  yes.
Will I reinforce life truths with His Truth?  yes.
That's what I promise to you.  If nothing else I will keep writing because this is my spiritual act of worshiping God with the written word.  I hope you are okay with that reason.  If you believe it's worth it to stick around to see what this is all about then please do so.  We can wander through God's heart together.  But I have to tell you....I am such a slow student it make take a while. And may I be gut level honest with you?  I like lingering around Him....
My heart here is to shine the Light of God's heart.  You're so invited along for the ride.  It's going to be fierce and wild, but hopefully inspiring and warm around those brittle corners.    
Many other bloggers can't say they have a purpose.  Pretty sure I will fail sometimes at purpose too, but you don't want to read perfect, you want to read real.  And if it's authenticity you want then I can promise you that.  
I write about the Real Deal.  I can write about God's real truth dealings with me.  I'll just be over here in the corner, maybe in a nice little purple and daisy-dotted room with a corner view will be just about the right place for me, crunching the keys as I pour my heart out post after post.

Can you please just offer me a little grace for my incompleteness?  
Would I do this if no one read it?  yes.
Can I count you to be here?  If so, please leave a comment letting me know.  I want to get to know you too.
It's from this little heart lens that I see God.  It's from the large lens of truth that I want to share God's heart with you.  It's worth the cost, worth it all.  At least to me, I hope it is to you too.  Thank you for investing your time, I pray my time was spent encouraging you today.

Now....go do something awesomely dreamy-like today.    
"You are imperfect and you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging."
-Brene Brown

All my love,
Janelle, I am a writer.  (There, I said it out loud)
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