Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going public

I knew picture would make you read the rest of this. I have been holding back my celebrations about something special for a while.  For someone who has lost a significant amount of weight, well, it's just that special.

My hip bones are showing.

Now before you get all judgmental on me, please just let me have my little time of celebration.  Will you allow me to dance a little jig and be happy about the wondrous work that God has done?

Those bones have been hiding for so long, so I am taking this time to pause and celebrate.

AND the picture that I have posted on the fridge as an incentive?  I weigh less than that now.  This is a victory statement I never typed before.

You may not get what this means.  If you are still confused, please ask me.  It would mean more if you did, than just assume that I am some crazy weight loss freak.

Thank you.  That is all.

You may go eat a Twinkie now.
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