Friday, August 2, 2013

Smiles come with caring

Smiles...a result of caring and helping children achieve their dreams.   

This story comes from a Children's Cup Nurse who has been working one-on-one with the children in one of the African CarePoints... 

Echos of laughing children is heard from children playing outside around the clinic, while inside, children sit quietly lined up against the classroom walls waiting to be seen.  Muffled coughs and quiet whispers filled the air as one by one they are seen by the nurses. Full of anticipation  they wait for their turn to cuddle up with the nurse to share their sickness, and hopeful, get some medicine to feel better. 

Children's Cup medical team has the privilege of providing mobile clinic on a regular basis directly to the kids at the Carepoints in Swaziland. It is one of the greatest joys to see the continued improvement in the health of the kids over the years.  Bongiwe, a beautiful 12 year old girl, came with symptoms of a runny tummy. An all to common problem when clean water and good sanitation are only dreamed of, and rarely a reality. This young girl talked with such sweetness, her next statement caught my attention. 

"When I read my Bible at night the white pages make my eyes cry".

She continued to explain that her eye strain was from reading the pages of the Bible at night with her mom. Night blindness is caused by a simple vitamin A deficiency, commonly affecting the children's vision in Swaziland.  Every child seen in the clinic is equipped with multivitamin tablets.

Bongiwe, who dropped out of fourth grade last year after her dad died, loves to read. It has become very hard for her and her four siblings to survive with a mom who hasn't been able to find work and cannot pay rent for their one room house. Her mom takes them all to a good Bible teaching church and often reads the Bible with them. 

With no hope for school fees Bongiwe now stays at home washing dirty dishes, cleaning the house, and helping wash the family clothes by hand.  You can see the longing in her eyes to learn.  She earnestly seeks opportunities to improve her skills of reading. Like a sponge she soaks in the words eager to absorb all she can. If only she had the money for school she might one day fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. 

She then quoted... Proverbs 1:10 "My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them."

Bongiwe said she now resists the temptation to steal sugar for the kitchen and try's not to insult other people. What a tender heart!  The nurse embraced Bongiwe with a bear hug whispering in her ear how much she was loved and encouraged her to continue reading the Bible and allowing it to speak into her life. With a new spring in her step she left clinic with a small bag of medicine for her stomach, a smile on her face, and joy in her heart.  

There are many more children that need help like Bongiwe, children who want to learn but don't have the funds or support to pay for school.  Their future is as stake.  Education is the path to escaping poverty.

In this country, some girls sell their bodies to get an education.  As a mom, when I think about having to make a choice between my child having to sell her body for the opportunity to go to school, it shuts me down.  I can't comprehend that.  I won't accept that.

You can make a difference with make a contribution to the future of an African generation.   

Children's Cup is making a difference in the lives of children like Bongiwe, who have a safe haven even when life at home is hard. At the Carepoint, Bongiwe gets a warm nutritious meal, medical care, Bible teaching and tutoring, and with your on going help, an opportunity to attend school next year. 

Will you invest in a generation of kids so that they can attend school?  You never know you may be you may be investing in the future Dr. Bongiwe!

Please consider their future like you consider the future of your own children. These children are God's too.  Be a part of what God is changing in Africa with Children's Cup.  Give and make a difference.   Please click this.

You will notice your heart smiling once you do.
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