Tuesday, October 1, 2013

From the broken comes anew

Beauty is birthed from broken seeds.

Imagine a seed declaring its value based on its perfection. How flawless its edges. How unbreakable its exterior.

How it must look lifeless to some but to the planter the dormant life lies just on the inside.    

The real value of the seed lies on what’s hidden. When the most important process it has to go through is it's burial in the dirt, the drench of water, and the crushing weight of the dirt just to be broken open.

Then there is the real process is germinating, growing, bursting forth with courage to begin something new.

We are walking seeds. Afraid of brokenness. Afraid of mess. When, in reality, embracing the dirt that covers us is what bursts forth life.  Seeds broken wide open become soft and pliable, moldable, breakable so that new life is revealed.

Perfection is an illusion that locks away the potential within us.  It keeps our fears at bay to make us never even look in the direction of change.  Perfection keeps us from starting, from dreaming.

I want to be planted. I want to dive deep into the dirt. I want to let the rains wash over me. Knowing that it is in this place of vulnerability is when transformation happens, and that changes everything.

For when I break, I open up. The raw within is now visible. And it turns out to be more tender and lovely than the shell I was trying to perfect and make shiny.

New life rises up from the dirt. Different. More whole. Reaching for the light of the sun.

Imagine if you would let God get a hold of your hard coated heart and breath a little Holy breath of fire into it.  What would happen if the Holy Spirit breathed some new life into your cold places?

There are dark places in all of our hearts that we hide from the Planter, and don't to give into the Light. 

I don't know why.....he wants to make all things new.  In you.

Once you do...there is such freedom, with a newness to life and such an alive feeling, like something wild just invaded and touches our soul's core nerve...and it breaks open, bursts.

Such...transformation happens.

The old has gone and the new is here...grows with God's goodness.  For at the proper time it will grow, strong and wispy, then bloom, full blossoms, bearing fruit.

Let God's wholeness touch your deep places, your old past wounds, your messy life, your dirt that you won't let go of.  Let the Healer in.  Let Him plant truth deep into those lifeless seeds.

You have to let the Planter put His holy hands on the lifeless parts, crack open some shells, a breakthrough to your dormant soul.

The Perfector wants to perfect your faith.  In the process...guess what...He will bring life, blooms and fruit as you let His love germinate.  

Beauty is birthed in so many broken open places...
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