Saturday, October 26, 2013

How do you deal with change?

The rain falls softly on my last night in Africa.  I shouldn't be here right now but God prompted me awake.

I think of those who are living on the streets the rain.   My heart aches for them.

I'm soon coming home from the beautiful country of Swaziland and South Africa after spending some time with nationals with an interesting culture.  I just got a text to encourage me to ponder all of what God has shown me while here.

Oh friends, I've been doing just that.  My notebook, what I like to call my field journal is bulging.  My heart is spilling over with all that I have crammed in there.  Within the lines on each page are many poignant moments where God has imprinted change.  Many, many lovely stories of life change.

Every season of growth brings change.  Really that is what this trip was for me.  And no, it wasn't my first time here.  There are so many truths that God is wrecking me with, and my understanding of who He is vital to grasping all that I have seen.

The rain reminds me that there's a washing away in change and what is seen as devastating aftermath, really births newness, growth and life to my soul.  Like a breath of fresh air, the smell of the earth after the rain has passed.

Drink it in...this change in the holy.

Change is like a current, stirring and vital for learning.  I dare to say that change is expected after some time away with God.  At least I expect it to change me.

Some say it's best to not come expecting anything on an international mission trip with views into hard places.  I would like to change that.  I come expecting God to show me what I need to change after a deeper look into His heart.

What a wasted opportunity to not be changed once you trod with God on the holy ground where He is working.

I have experienced many emotions.  I have seen many hard circumstances, situations and stories.

What I have seen has changed me.   God's stories bring change.  God.

Why do we have this resistance to change when change is what is needed to draw us closer to God's heart?  

Are we afraid of His nearness?

I crave it.  

I've been asking for God to draw me near, and I love how He can use anything to do just that.  Change is the catalyst in which the many characteristics of God are seen.

Dare to look at change.  Let God draw you near and let Agape change you.  You don't have to travel to Africa to experience it but you do have to invite Him into change.  God can change you in an instant, so let the rainfall of His grace wash away those stuffy, old school perceptions of who God is and let His change fall fresh on your heart.

You will be changed and change is exciting when you grow God's way.

When you ask me how my trip to Africa was expect me to say that it changed me because it has.  Walking on Holy ground does that.  Walking with God brings incredible change.

What God is doing is lovely change.   

It's not about what I am leaving behind here, it's about Who I am following.

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