Friday, October 25, 2013

When you feel like you might mess up God's plans

The Bible is not filled with heroes, it is filled with people who made mistakes.

Messed up and broken people who thought they knew what they were doing then God got their attention.

People who seemed to fail more often than they succeeded.

Failures, pitiful, messed up mistake makers.


Here's what I love about their stories...they were used by a Holy God.
And they had the chance to trod on holy ground.  

When I read their stories, I see myself.  When I slap my head at their mess ups, I realize that I have messed up too.
I am encouraged also.  In their broken state, God still used them to help someone regardless of their inadequacies and imperfection.

Their failures should be a lesson to all of us.  
I want to be used by a Holy God, and trod on His holy ground.    
God is turning my familiar ground upside down.  I am seeking His holines in all of it.
Let's be honest, can we?  Arn't we all?
As a follower of Christ, shouldn't this be our unspoken hearts journey?

God sees our hearts condition before he sees our mistakes and failures.

That is reassuring to me.  Very.

God knows I've messed up.  I have some hang-ups, hiccups, some wounds andscars.  I'm still trying to do this discipleship thing right.  

But what God sees is not what I see.  God sees my willing heart to be used for His glory. 
God has seen my disobedience, and He has seen my obedience.  
He sees it all.

My obedience means everything to Him.  And knowing that means everything to me.

It keeps me on the front lines of willingness to serve and be used. It chases me as I chase Him.  I'm not giving up on this pursuit.   
Not even my failures can get in the way of me being a God chaser.

Maybe...just maybe you had your chance too and you feel like you have failed too.  Maybe you feel like you have failed at being a follower.

I don't have to wait for perfection or until I get it right to be effective in ministry, I just need to keep my heart firm on His holy ground.
And be willing to obey, because obedience is worth it.

Willing to be in the middle of someone's else mess.
Willing to be a part of God's faithfulness story no matter what.
Willing to let God do His holy repair on me, where I need to be fixed.
Willing and weak, willing to be shaped and molded, willing to shine the work of His hands.  

The Bible is a book of stories where a Holy God met people right where they were and took them to His blessed life.  Did you catch that?  
God bends down to our level to fix us.    

True stories of people just like me, just like you.  Stories on each page of God's character exhibited through man. Stories based on the broken traveling on Holy ground.  

Kari Jobe said it best...we a broken and hurting people reaching to broken and hurting people.  I love her way of capturing love stories.    
When we show our scars, we show Jesus.  When share our struggles we share how He heals us.  We bare our souls and weak spots, we can boast in God's goodness.

What more could you ask for as we travel this life's holy ground together?  Are you willing to be a part of shining the Light of the One who lifts our heads?

yeah...sign me up.  Count me in.

Don't let your mistakes, mess ups, and seemed failures get in the way of your obedience and love response back to God.
God has some holy ground He wants to show you.  He's has some work orders on His desk with your name written in red pen.  He wants to mess you up so you can reflect His Holiness.  
Will you sign up too?  Come just as you are.

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