Friday, October 11, 2013

What would cause a man to do this?

She was crying out to God for help on that same day when Pastor Richard was asking God where he should go to help. 

At least that's the way it seems to me.  God was building a community of prayer within two people. 

What would cause a man to pick up and move to a land that he didn't know?

Pastor Richard dreamed one day of bringing Christ to this nation.  A nation and community that he never knew but only prayed for.  He dreamed of revival for this small African village nestled in the hills of South Africa.

One day he brought a tent revival to their community.  For 14 days the Holy Spirit reigned on the small remote community of Mganduzweni, Africa under the canvas topped church plant.

And they prayed.  Pastor Richard seeking God, a young girl needing God.   She was alone and only 16.  

God can change your life in an instant.  

That day under a tent full of prayers, her life was changed and with God's help she started to trust again.

She came every night listening to what Pastor Richard said.  And every night Pastor Richard prayed that God's truth would be heard.

Many came to the big tent revival, one and all, big and small.  She heard Pastor Richard say, "don't waste your life and that God will meet you where you are." 

Isn't that just like our Father who brings those who need to hear?  Prayers for those who need to know bring those who need to know God.  

God called Pastor Richard from Uganda to a place that needs Christ.  Feeling the strong call of God he packed up his family and moved to a place to sow seeds of the gospel.

But what causes a man to make moves for a community that he doesn't know?  

It seems to me that someone had to be praying for some miracles, God sent Pastor Richard.  Pastor Richard is a praying man, one who believes in the power of the gospel.

 The gospel changes everything, and Pastor Richard believes that too.  

Pastor Richard prayed for God to reveal Himself and bring a love for a community that he didn't know that God had called him to.  She had prayed for just someone to help her, she was so alone.

"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."  James 5:16

Prayers bring God's Presence.  They beckon or call our hearts to be reconciled, they comfort and heal, forgive and redeem.  No matter if it's in a tent or a church or on a hillside in the middle of Africa.  God meets people right where they are and can change any heart in an instant.

Every-time prayers, anytime prayers, words to God bring His changing power when righteous people pray.  Righteous prayers brigde the gap to the unchanged and bring God's change.  

God breaks though the darkness and can change your life in a instant.  And prayer prompts a single man to do what it takes to bring the power of prayer for just one.  One alone and 16.  One Love, one prayer, one new believer and one life changed.  

One community different because a man was moved by God who hears every one one of our prayers.

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