Saturday, January 11, 2014

He never will

Every day you have another opportunity to affect your perspective with the words you speak to God. Even though you may not see results as soon as you would like, much is happening in the spirit realm that you don’t see.

Faith works, and it starts with a simple prayer of trust.

Isn't every prayer of simplicity said with trust?

Each prayer sets something holy in motion and God sets to work on our prayers immediately.

Get that...God is working for you.

So why do we pray to God like it's the first day we've met Him?

I have changed my prayers to reflect the God I know.  There's so much to be said about prayers of a humble and surrendered heart.

This is not just for the few, or the proud, or the called.

This is for you, for all to do.  Simple prayers open the hands of heaven.

Such peace comes when you can crawl up into our Father's lap and rest, leaving chaos behind.

Such comfort comes when we can give our pain to someone who cares.

Such trust comes from seeing our simple prayers answered in greater ways.

You know the God who got you out of that last jam you were in?  Yeah....He doesn't change, never will.

You say you don't feel God's love for you?  Have you asked to feel it lately?  Faith isn't based on feelings.

His love for you hasn't changed.

And know this, He hears your prayers as One who knows you.  Remember He's known you ever since your inception.

Consider that God knows you that intimately, then say some honest prayers to the One who knows you better than you know yourself.

God listens.  God isn't deaf, dumb or blind.

He sees all, hears all, and loves all.  Speaks love for you.

Yes, especially you.

The beautiful parts is He loves you just like you are in your mess and chaotic behavior.  He loves it when you come near and stay close.  He likes spending time with you.  He longs to give you His compassion.

Let God lift your head and show you how much He loves you.  Once you realize who you are talking to, your words back to Him will change a little too.

And one more truth?  That love that He has for you speaks volumes of life into your today and your tomorrows, just like you are, just where you are.


I am thankful through all the changes and seasons in life I have an intimate caring Father who wants nothing but the best for this little girl, and He never changes.  He never will.

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