Tuesday, February 18, 2014

God rocks at this

Proverbs 4:11 "I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths." 

We love to predict the next step for our lives. 

We love to know what God is up to.   

I have discovered that many times we are the ones who throw confusion and chaos into an already simple and laid out plan. 

His plans for us are straight, and full of wisdom, under and with HIS love filter. 

In other words, God has most perfect plans. Trust His perfect plans even when it doesn't look like your "perfect" plan.

God rocks at perfect planning.

We add our failures, fears and inadequacies to a plan and then it doesn't makes sense. 

When we add our imperfect to the Perfect, we come up short every time.  We think the road is winding and wrong and endless. 

Recently I've prayed ..."Show me what it means to follow you God"..only then does it becomes simple and direct. 

Only then can I see God's wisdom and love directing me. 

I'm letting the Lord direct.  I'm not adding my imperfect thoughts or plans to His perfect plan.  

No more "Jonah" moments for me. The belly of this whale is not fun and is kind of gross. 

I will trust.  I know in doing so he will give wisdom and understanding.  

Trust Him.  God rocks at your perfect plans that benefit His perfect plan for you.

God knows what is best for your situation. 

Trust and follow, that is the direct way to God. 

He already knows what your tomorrows and today hold. Trust completely.

Be a rock star in your trust in God!  He's already a Rock Star in His plans for you.
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