Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's time to step up

Our lives have a purpose and God created us with an intention. We read books, we hear messages, many blogs, and even more posts, that talk about how unique we are. When it comes to the dreams department though sometimes, it seems when we don't excel in something we were at the end of the gifts and talented line when God passed out dreams.
Who doesn't have dream laying silently...our hearts and prayers?
Recently God gave me that "aha" moment where I realized that He has planted His creative essence in each one of us and that includes our dreams too.  Maybe it's me, but don't we tend to hide our heads under the cover of Jesus thinking that you jumped into the Christian life to just to skate by or it feels like God has left us out here in our dreams all alone?
One thing I learned is that God doesn't dangle our dreams in front of us, only to yank it back and say "I was just kidding about yours." No, God doesn't do that.
We are created with God's Holy breathe who breaths His holy essence into our lives, that includes our dreams too. He not only created us in His image but He created us to be creative.
I'll admit I have those seasons too when it doesn't feel like I'm very creative.  How about you? You might you say...
I'm inadequate.
I'm not enough.
I'm not capable.
I'm worthless.
I'm not needed.
I'm not what God thinks I am.
Think again.
What God has breathed in us His essence of perfection, His wholeness, character, His very Spirit, the very part of His heart to be His spiritual act of worship so that we can reflect His essence, His character, Him. We are His treasures. My problem is that I tend to let fear and self-sufficiency get in the way of surrendering my all to God's whole essence. I tend to meet God's strength with my list of excuses.
We need to wave our white flags to the call of obedience, it's truly what's in our hands. We can offer to God our dreams, or submit as one created to the Creator. What God wants is for His creation to come to a place of full obedience. It's then that our lives become a spiritual act of worship to lead His creative and free lives that He intentionally set before us.
It's time for us step up our dreams and let them be re-made by our Maker of Dreams. Now it's time to be come artists at work, artists of intention with influence in our communities. You are the creation that God dreams of to bring creativity and imagination, God's fullness and essence, to make this world more beautiful.
Take a risk with your dreams. Trust and obey.
What is God asking of you, or what's in your hands that you need to surrender to God?
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