Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Shoes

So I am in the DJ office today and Shaun Michaels, Production Director and Top 5 @ 5 guy is in there, in fact, he has the entire office to himself. He likes that. And yeah, he makes a comment about my shoes. Not unusual, considering the source. I happen to like my shoes a lot. They are cool, comfortable and very, very functional. One thing is that they don't have any shoe laces. There is holes for the laces, but because of the cool factor involved in making the shoes, the laces were left off on purpose, because otherwise they wouldn't be as cool. No laces. They sell shoes that way sometimes, you've seen them, you buy them too. But apparently Shaun had never seen any. He kept asking me questions about them like he was looking at shoes like this for the first time. How do they stay on? Why didn't they put laces in there? Why would the shoe manufacturer do that? Did they cost less? Oh my goodness!! Well, I bought them because they are cool, convenient and comfy. There....that's all there is too it. Not to mention the colors....and sweet design on the side. So take a look and let me know what you think.


McCoy said...

If a dude could get away with wearing those...I'd totally have a pair.

Janelle Keith said...

That gives me even more delight!!

Anonymous said...

They re-calibrated the "Cool Factor" to 11 because of these shoes.