Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Thankful for...

This is the time of year that we reflect on our blessings. (Although, we should do this everyday and I do). I am thankful Savior for loving me with His infinite grace, my family, my house (as humble as it is), my dog Sophie (even though she's old), the cat Macon (even though he's a cat), that I didn't have a flat tire this week or hit a raccoon, my health (I never get sick), the opportunity to make people smile (hopefully) with McCoy in the Morning show on The House FM, that there are still good people (who are willing to help a person in need), predictive text (on my cell phone), Jenny (she's great!!), snow (love it), Facebook (it's a way to connect), the horse statue in front of the Subway in Perry, OK (it doesn't have a name, no plaque, but stands regal every time I go by it), my camera (that Terry got me last year for Christmas and takes great pics and video still), my soft couch (that conforms to my body shape and feels good after any type of a day), naps (when I get to take them), confetti (it's great at parties and then spreads it's joy around the house on the bottom of your socks), great music on the House FM (it encourages even me...), the movement that God is doing in my heart from being a practical atheist (to a passionate servant), that my brother-in-law makes the Chex Mix (EVERY thanksgiving and shares it with me), my glasses (so I can see when I read), and last but certainly not least...TLC (because of it's many, many educational programs, it is the learning channel after all). thankful. Life is uncertain, but death is sure. Eat dessert first!
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