Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey 4 Tunage

Stillwater responded in a huge way yesterday with Turkey for Tunes. Total number of turkeys collected for the Salvation Army just for Stillwater was 69!! Way to go Poke fans. You know people say that in today's society, everyone is out for themselves. But there are some that still believe in the value of helping others. I saw that with the very generous response. One lady brought TEN turkeys plus TEN boxes of stuffing. When I told her she could have her pick of the cd's, she only took one and said, "It's not about getting something in return, it's about helping those who need it." My heart was touched and encouraged. There are still those people who have a helping mindset and don't let anything get in the way of doing just that, making a difference in the lives of people they don't know. It was someone making a conscious effort to get out of their house to go to a really busy place on probably their day off to provide a meal for someone who could go hungry on a day that will more than likely have enough food to feed an army (yeah, that's just in one house). A turkey valued about $12.00 could bring a memory worth a million bucks to a child who hears his parent saying we can't afford a big meal this year, but then is blessed by a complete stranger. God still uses His people to bless those in need. All we have to do is be a willing vessel for him to work through. I was the one who was blessed by the continuing spirit of God moving in His people and that as we enter the season of giving, be mindful of how God can use YOU to make a difference in the life of someone else. We had just enough room in the van to hold the turkeys. Over all total for turkeys collected - 172. Way to go people!
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