Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Technology Christmas

I know you have all been wondering how my Christmas was right???? Sure you have. So this Christmas I received technology updates that most of you received LAST Christmas. Something I am really excited about was the webcam I got for my laptop. WOO-HOO! That way I can stay in touch with my family and friends. I also got a bluetooth device for my phone. I had one that hooked on the ear, you know the kind that Brent McCoy hates, but this one is so far advanced. It clips to the visor in your car and it's way better. No ear pain here, and it's always accessible. Kitchen technology updates too with a new knife set that resides in one of those butcher block thingys and a new George Foreman grill, with get this REMOVABLE PLATES that you can just put in the dishwasher. Set it and forget it. Yeah that's the kind of technology that I like. The ones that make life easier in so many ways. SERIOUSLY!
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