Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Chronicles of Parmigiana

One of my resolutions for '09 was to make a new recipe a month and get this.... I got a new cookbook for Christmas, "Rachael Ray's BIG Orange Book". First recipe of choice to attempt is Chicken Parmigiana. I can hardly spell it right. It sounded really good, so I set out to the grocery story with list in hand to get the necessary delicious ingredients. Of course when I get to my local outlet, they don't have everything exactly listed in the recipe, so I have to make some substitutions. That's ok, I say, hopefully it will still taste the same. I get home and set right to work with fervor.... literally. The new season of Big Loser was coming on in 15 minutes! I had to hurry so flour was flying....Extra Virgin Olive oil was poppin', chicken was cooking, and tomato sauce was simmering. I felt successful somewhat. And that's when I had my epiphany! I look around my kitchen and it looks like a tornado had hit. The reason I don't cook new recipes... or even old recipes for that the messiness factor. There was carnage everywhere. Dirty dishes, pots, pans, spatulas, spoons, evidence of flour, beaten eggs, bread crumbs....etc. Yikes! How was I going to get this all clean in now... 5 minutes!!

The Chicken Parmigiana turned out well, although I acknowledge that Rachael Ray would have done it with more flair. My results were similar to hers, at least what I imagine the results should be. And then I had another epiphany....she has a staff that comes in and cleans up after her. How nice would that be? If that was the case at my house, I would love to cook too!
For Rachael Ray's official Chicken Parmigiana recipe click here. Mine almost looks like hers....right?
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