Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Time To Serve

The Resolution contest continues with Erin from Stillwater as Wednesday's winner. She writes, "There's the ever present workout and to deny myself the sweets that I love, but this year I'll add to it. I want to become actively involved in at least one service organization. Read four books. Scrapbook my daughters baby book to present day. Spend more time with my friends (i.e. start a Bunco group.) Date night with my husband every other week and family night every other week."

Erin you have several admirable resolutions. I like that you have stated you want to be actively involved in a service organization. Serving is others is something that God has called us to do. Jesus is the best best model of a servant, follow His lead. There are many worthwhile organizations in your community that can always use an extra pair of hands.

It also sounds like time management is needed to make a list of tasks for your "to do" list. Usually procrastination is the culprit. In a nutshell, we procrastinate when we put off things that we should be focusing on right now, usually in favor of doing something that is more enjoyable or that we're more comfortable doing. I heard a sermon once that posed the question, if you had only 30 days to live, would that affect what you do next? For me it did, and I realized that choosing my daily activities can sometimes be pointless or trivial. I challenged myself to prioritize my tasks then and put the most important things first and not invest my time in worthless tasks. Jump into the urgent right away, don't put it off.

I have challenged myself to read four books too. I am not a "reader" like others. It is frustrating. But then again I haven't really made it a priority either. There's only one way to get started, crack open a book.

Erin if you put your mind to it you can do the tasks you have set out to do. If you have any encouragement for Erin please leave your comment below.
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