Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Good Read

Tuesday's winner in the House FM resolution contest is Cody from Ft Cobb. "My new years resolution is to read the whole old testement and don't miss a day of church." Cody is 14 and for him to think about wanting to read God's Word and meet weekly for worship is very admirable.

I have found an online source for reading the Bible in a year. Check out this link. It has every month lined out for reading some of the Bible every day. It's easy and convenient and you can do it from just about everywhere. You can even have it as an application for your iPhone. Seriously, Bible reading has never been so easy and you can choose any version that you want to study. It's all online...YouVersion.com. You can even journal your thoughts there.

As far as meeting every week for coporate worship, that's a great goal to have and I encourage to you to find a Bible believing church in your community. Get involved with the youth fellowship there too. It's a good way to meet people and surround yourself with a good group of friends who will help you stick with your goals.

If you have some tips for Cody please leave a comment below and if you have a resolution to share go here.
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