Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Love Technology!

We interrupt this healthy-wise blog for an important message from Janelle Keith...oh wait, that's me. Anyway, in case you missed the show today, you might have heard me lament about my new phone. Although normally I love technology and embrace change, this time not so much. I am sure I will be fine in a few days, but right now, while everything is still new and fresh, I am frustrated with it. Who doesn't love entering phone numbers from your old phone to your new phone by hand? Apparently that is what I have to do because of some weird, odd debacle with my SIM card. This too will pass, but it is very time consuming and laborious to say the least. Life could be worse, yes, I realize that too. I guess this makes me more aware of how much I am dependent I am on my phone. I will survive and one day laugh about it someday. But not yet.

Here are some comments from those who heard me whine about my piddly phone problems:
From Cheryl in NY - Hey Janelle,
I’m feeling your pain! We just got new phones in January:
My husband can only answer the phone and make calls. Texts are out of his realm of understanding basically because he has no patience for learning. This limits contact with kids.
Kati cannot delete any of her texts. We delete the messages - and they reappear the next time she turns her phone on. She has very little space left for new messages.
Nick has a warning out for his phone because other owners have tried putting the charger plug in the data receptacle (they’re putting it in the wrong hole).

From D. in Stillwater:
I feel your phone frustration and loss of information. My husband had used my thumb drive to save last week’s sermon on to burn at the church. This week the new message would’t fit, so he deleted everything on the thumb drive……. INCLUDING MY INFORMATION! About 40 hours of work, which I have no hard copy of because I have no computer of my own. I had planned to print it at home Sunday evening after I did some tweaking. Huge Sigh.

So what phone problems are you dealing with? Let's face it, when it comes to phones, we love them but we hate them all at the same time. Remember.... it could be worse. Let's use our frustration as an opportunity to learn!!
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