Monday, April 12, 2010

Today's news...just the way you like it.

In case you missed the morning's your news for today.

Just a quick reminder, tax day is Thursday! Make sure you've got 'em filed or you've at least filed for an extension. That reminds me, I need to send ours in!!

People who don't get enough sleep often get hungrier than people who get plenty of sleep. Researchers at the European Center for Taste Sciences found that normal-weight men who don't get enough sleep tend to consume more calories than those who get eight hours of sleep the night before.

If you've been sneezing your head off this year, there's a reason. Pollen is wreaking havoc on America. Experts say its the worst they've seen in many years. No wonder my eyes have been watering like a faucet!

More than 20,000 people tailgated yesterday to watch Texas Stadium blown to bits. The planned implosion was set off by the 11-year-old winner of an essay contest. The Cowboys played 38 seasons in Texas Stadium. Kinda of early in the seanson isn't boys?

The Double Down hits KFC restaurants today. It's basically a bacon and cheese sandwich, but instead of bread, there are 2 pieces of fried chicken. Rumor has it that Andy and J-izzle of the All-Request House Party will be taste-testing this tonight at 8 pm. Tune in for the Double Down Smack Down!
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