Monday, April 12, 2010

Lawn Mowing 101

Sometimes God teaches me things when I least expect it. Like when I am mowing the lawn. This week's lesson is: Sometimes you have take a look back, so you can see where God wants to move you next. This came to me when I was mowing some short grass and it was hard to see where I had been, until I saw the grass track and had seen where I had been. Oh.....yeah!

It may not make much sense to you but it hit me like this. God lays out his plan, sometimes we get distracted and loose our way because we either take our eyes off of Him and don't follow or we let other things cloud our vision and then become discombobulated and don't know where to go. We need a "line" or a "mark" to follow to show us the path.

Lesson two: Don't "un-do" the good work that God wants to do in you and through you. Oh.....yeah! So I mowed the grass... big deal. But it still required my time, energy, and a lot of sweat. Reagardless, it took effort and now it's done (for about a week). God wants to work through you to do good works for others. There comes a time in your Christian walk that you stop being such a sponge, and "turn the corner" by flowing out, spilling out to others. Is your time to do that yet? We have a lot to share, think about how God is leading you to give to others. Don't undo what He has done in you, by not allowing yourself to give of yourself to others.

Mowing lessons are good. What have you learned lately while mowing?
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