Tuesday, April 20, 2010


How's your yard? Have you mowed it lately? As you know, mowing season has begun, at least at my house. With the rain the last few days I haven't been able to get it mowed down. And with the non-mowing activity and rain, otherwise known as grass accelerator, here come the weeds. Currently my yard is covered with dandelions. I hate those. They are EVERY WHERE!! And they appear the very next day after you mow. Drives me crazy!! I know....who knew I was so anti-dandelion?

So while I am looking at my overgrown lawn/yard/fenced in pasture grass, God reminds me how many "weeds" have crept into my "yard". Let me explain...there are things in my life that I have allowed to germinate and grow, and have even fertilized, things that have gotten in the way of my worship or relationship with God. Not happy about admitting that, but it happens. So when I get a reminder, I am a little surprised. "How could I let this happen?" I should have put some weed prevention in place to make sure there is no pre-emergence of said weeds. I haven't walked away from God and turned my back on Him, but sometimes a little at a time, or one weed at a time, I have let this or that grow and flourish, it then all of a sudden I feel like I have a whole pasture full of thistle, dandelions, and henbit. And the most annoying thing about dandelions, each head is full of tiny seeds that blow in the wind, spreading themselves from my house all the way to China.

When I become aware of the weeds, I have to take action. I want to take them out, mow them down. Weed removal is needed!! Look for the "weeds" in your life. What do you need to spray with weed-killer?

Yeah, these pictures are the real deal. My yard is full of them.
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