Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plug In!

Yesterday my husband Terry had to do a little lawn mower maintenance. The push mower was not running so well. It would run for a while, and then just quit, for apparently no reason. There was plenty of gas, no grass in the chute, and even cleaned out the air filter. (Am I amazing you with my lawn mower knowledge??) So....I said, "Terry, fix it please!" The fix was simple, a new spark plug. He put that in and man....the difference. The mower had energy, like it was on steroids or something. I think it actually went faster, no joke. I made record time getting the mowing job done.

So what is the lesson here? How "plugged in" are you to God? Plug in! Read His Word!! Engage in your local church fellowship of believers. If you don't do regular "maintenance" in your spiritual life like reading the Bible, worship, and fellowship you take yourself out of receiving God's best for you. Where else will you get recharged? We can't face the world without being plugged in. Of course, if you want to live life all tired, worn-out, clogged up with junk, then don't.

Take it from me, when you spend your time with God, He deepens your relationship. You come out on the super charged, "steriod-side" of life. Now I am not saying that it will be easy, but it will be better. I promise! How clean is your spark plug?
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