Thursday, June 17, 2010



Tender heart??? yes...
Blessed??? yes.....
Blown away by God??? YES!!!

Have you cried lately? Some say I am a BIG wimp. I can't help it. It seems as if God has given me a over-abundance of tears for some reason, especially in this season of life. Maybe my heart is just more tender towards the things around me. The things of God. I have been literally blown away by some circumstances, by prayers that I have prayed and seen God working in my life. amazing journey these last six months.

The difference my circumstances have not changed. In fact, life has gotten more intense, difficult, or shall I say even harder. But in the midst of all of life that is swirling around me, I see God at work. Changing me. It causes me to pause, reflect and sometimes cry at His mercy, goodness, concern, faithfulness, and most of all His love.

Have you cried lately and why?
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