Saturday, June 12, 2010

Success. Such a funny word when you look at it. Sounds funny too when you say it five times in a row. According to Wikipedia success means but is not limited to:
"a level of social status; achievement of an objective/goal; the opposite of failure the succession of successfully executed tasks and successes."

I am reading a book currently that talks about your mission in life, your purpose. The author defines success as "becoming who God wants us to be, more personally...being a fully devoted follower of Christ."

What do you base success on? Your daily accomplishments? Or your life goals...or maybe checking off tasks on that bucket list?

I started reading this book 3 years ago and the one and only goal that I had written down was to lose 100 lbs. Hey wait a minute, I have done that!! I have lost 100 pounds and have maintained it. I was a little shocked when I read that, I don't even remember writing it down. The fact that I have lost the weight has changed my life. I know I will never go back. I remember how miserable I was. How hard things were, how I couldn't breathe, how I hated myself for allowing myself to be that heavy.

But more than all the health reasons for losing weight, the most important reason is I was not living for God's best 100 lbs ago. I was settling for mediocre. Not any more. I want God's best, don't you? I have been successful at losing the weight and that feels good, but knowing that I am pleasing God with my food choices feels better.

So being faithful/successful in eating right and exercising is part of my daily walk to become a fully devoted follower of Christ. Now that's success!
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