Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cosmic Christmas

I love how God sends Gabriel, His best and mightiest angel, to take care of His business. Gabriel was a warrior of epic proportions and was sent when the big heavy angel work needed to be done. We only see a few glimpses of him in the Bible. He was the courier of the important message to Mary about motherhood.

His position came with HUGE responsibility, in respect to giving that kind of news. The delivery went without incident as far as we know. But I have to imagine there was a cosmic battle of epic proportions, because this announcement was one that Satan didn't want delivered. There had to be an unknown angelic war that took place.

God was launching his plan to save all humanity in the form of a baby named Immanuel. God's planned success was in direct contradiction to what Satan wanted. He had fallen from Heaven, so therefore, he wants all humans to follow suit. Pausing right the mighty plan of our Father. Wow.....that he would want me to spend the rest of my life following Him, yes, not only that BUT also making a way for that to happen???? Wow.....

So the news was delivered safely, but the conception still needed to be protected. It's one thing to give a plan, it's another to carry it out. I think there was another cosmic battle on the execution of God's will. Gabriel had to have been chief angel on this duty as well. The best and brightest of them all, given the highest protect the seed…..the Savior of the world.

In the stable, once Jesus was born, protection was paramount. Seriously, think about all the things that could go wrong in a situation like this. The fact that a baby was born with none of the technological advancements we have today is simply a miracle. No pain meds, no monitors, no pediatricians, no NICU's, no baby blankets, no disposable diapers, no bottles, no formula, no nothing. Can you grasp this miracle birth experience????? Angels on duty once again.

Then the angels gave the news to the shepherds. Again an encounter with evil, I assume. Seriously, Satan didn't want anyone to know this news. It is life saving, it gives hope for all human kind. It's news that people have been waiting for ...for years!! This can't get out!!! Ah.....but it does. Another miracle. So hope is born.

Think about babies and think about Jesus as one. Perfectly human, perfectly holy. Perfect. I can't wrap my mind around it. God came near, in the form of a small baby, to be the sacrifice for our sins. He came in the lowest form of human-ness, laid in the lowest place on earth, to the least of parents, for the highest purpose. The purpose was The Way that God provided for us to be in Heaven with Him forever.

This is me...the understanding of God's plan. "God With Us" ....enough said. What is Christmas to you?

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