Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Minute Friday {Prayer}

Prayer is our language to God.  
Prayer is power.  Prayer is worship.
God honors our prayers.  
He loves the bold ones, the timid ones, the soft and the loud.  
He hears the quiet stillness of our hearts when we lean in to hear Him.  
He strains to hear our words of praise.  
Our first step of faith is received in a prayer.  
He loves to tell us His whispers.  He longs for us to wait for His timing.  
He loves to hold our dreams tight until he deems them right.  
He wants our desperate hearts.  He hears our tears and fears.  
In prayer, we can let go and let Him grow. He plants passion within our prayers to inspire us.  
Bold prayers honor God.  He loves to draw us near; he loves to keep us in His grip.  
Prayer reveals His truth in our hearts.  
Prayer does not prepare us for the battle; prayer is the battle.
"We take for granted prayer is the preparation for work, whereas prayer is the work."  Oswald Chambers
Take a look in God's's loaded with prayers of those who talked with God.
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