Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paging Dr. House

Our garage is still broken from a weird random severe thunderstorm that occurred about a year ago.  You may wonder why it hasn't been fixed yet?  I honestly don't have a good answer to that question.  There have been a lot of discussions and chins rubbed regarding it.  The fix seem complicated.

When I look at the rubble in my garage I get worn out.  It doesn't motivate me to action.  I'm also amazed that my clean house disintegrates so quickly in a couple of days time.  I get so tired of fixing that. 

There are other things that remind me that I can't fix anything, like my husband who has survived cancer but still lives with chronic pain.  Those whom I love that still need Jesus in their life, or the family that has been hit with leukemia.  And then there is  a couple whose marriage was broken by an extra-marital affair.  Right now I have 3 lawn mowers at my house that need repaired.  There are some days I don't know where the fixing should start.  I think about all the unfix-able things and I get overwhelmed.  This week, one dark morning as I was leaving for work, and God encouraged me with this, "Not everything needs fixed, not everything will be fixed, and remember you are not the fixer." 

What I think needs a handyman's touch is not what really needs fixing right now.  Where I think a broom could quickly sweep away some dirt may not be my bigger need.  I will always see the obvious piles or messes and I will never enjoy being squeezed by my whatever-happens-circumstances.    

I believe God puts us in the middle of the life's rubble so that He can show us that He is our only Fix.  He purposely plunks us in the middle these-finely organized-messes, so that His glory can be revealed in the rescue.  A friend was sharing part of his recent trip to Uganda.  He told me a story that had me in tears as it melted my heart.  A baby had been left for dead.  The situation was grim, but in the dark of night the baby was found barely alive and God saved the little life with the a simple bark of a dog.  Only He could have provided a way out of the dire situation.  

I have a missionary friend that entered the hospital with a busted appendix, and has run the gambit of medical issues, so many, that he could have been on lasts week's episode of House.  And as we are still begging God for healing, I see this too as an opportunity for God's glory to be revealed.  God likes to work when nothing else will and most times we have to get to the end of ourselves before He swoops in to fix.  Sometimes, though, things are beyond repair before He provides His remedy.

The bottom line for me is this...in my messes....He is teaching me to live above my circumstances.  This is a lesson that Paul seemed to have down quite nicely.  Philippians records over and over that our response to "whatever happens" is that we must rejoice.  Humanly that's hard to do when your family has been slapped with crisis.  

God has a remedy for you, for your messes, for your piles of dirt you want to sweep under the rug, for your brokenness, for your spiritual chaos that rages within.  God can still fix your problems...God can.  He is the Master who deals with disasters that hit us in our houses, in hospitals and in those hostile marital situations.  He wants to teach us more than the truth that He can fix.  He wants us to fix our eyes on Him....trust....and let Him be God in the fixing.  

Whatever happens....please fix us God.
Whatever happens...God teach us to rejoice!  


Anonymous said...

What I would really like everyone to know – deep down in their heart and soul – is that no matter how bad it is, and it can get really bad (losing a child, home, etc), God loves them. Not only that, but He has placed people in this world to pray, care and love them – without even knowing them. I know there are people with no one on this earth. God has people praying for them. This is where you turn to Janelle and you will see in her eyes the truth of my statement. I am another. Janelle and I are not alone. Even if they don’t know it, they are being prayed for and loved.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog! As a mom, we want to "fix" everything - from the knee that is scraped while riding a bike to the washing maching that won't drain properly. Thank you for the reminder that God is the the Fixer! ~ Pam

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this your right God is the fixer......I have seen it...just was good to reminded!!! Chantel

Brenda Goetz Salladay said...

Another great post, thanks for the reminder of who is our Fixer!!

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed today! I just got done reading Leviticus and couldn't feel more sinful and useless. Thanks for the reminder that in truth we are all broken beyond repair, but God fixes us. he sent His Son to lavish us with grace and I need that reminder. I'm not going to save anyone, but I can shine His light and let Him fix the situation! ~ Bonnie