Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Getting Ahead of God

There are some really entertaining aspects about traveling internationally.  I like to watch people.    The whole driving with the wheel on the left side is odd enough, not to mention driving on the opposite side of the road.  For a non-local driver it can be confusing at best.  

While in India I observed some interesting interactions and reactions of the traffic there.  The white lines are mere hints of staying in a lane of traffic and the drivers sounds their horns when whizzing past another vehicle.  The sounder gives a heads up that you are passing or in their way.  It's intended as a courtesy.  Maybe.

People were always going somewhere at all hours of the night and day and honking the whole way there and back.  It was a little scary from the back seat view too.  There were many drivers that were impatient with the flow and just wanted to get ahead of the next driver.  They don't stop for pedestrian crossings, so it's risky to attempt it, unless you are feeling really brave.

Just the sheer amount of people on the road at any given time of the day or night offers noise, havoc, chaos.  Extremes.

The scene has been replaying in my mind since I got back home.  An endless circle of roundabouts in my brain.  God put the brakes on this thinking and brought it to a complete stop this morning.

God reminded me that I am little like those crazy drivers who honk and tend to stray from the straight lanes of godliness.  I sometimes wish I could give God an extra nudge when it comes to making His plans unfold.  I tend to honk by in prayer thinking I have really left it there at His feet, but then just pick it back up again and try to hurry God along just a little.

Just a nudge....God.    

"Are you sure you can't move this perfect plan of yours along just a little faster?  
"Don't you hear me honking God?"

Am I the only one who wants to get the jump start on God's right now?  I'll admit I get a little impatient sometimes, tending to stray out of the perfect lanes that God has designed and built for me.  I know...I wish I was writing about you instead of me.

God is working in this open highway of His grace.  The traffic in India was a visual assault on my heart as I realized what I have been giving back to God.  What I am praying for is worth the wait.  It's worth the perfect wait.  It's worth waiting on God to work His perfect plan.  It's worth waiting for His perfect plan to unfold.

It's worth waiting on God.  God's plan are worth it.

There are reasons that only He knows and those are worth waiting for.  As His plan unfolds he leads and guides me in the straight paths as long as I acknowledge Him and submit to His Lordship.  So my driving skills are NOT needed here.  I just need to be still, wait and stop honking when I am tempted to get ahead of God.

I must rest and yield to His design.  I must coast in His silences.  I must trust on His trusty shoulders of grace that have His movements perfectly timed and well designed.  

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,' declares the Lord."   Isaiah 55:8

God can't be hurried, nor do I need to get ahead of Him.
He knows, above all, what He is doing.
He wrote Google maps, He has carefully planned my road trip.

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