Sunday, January 2, 2011

Posts on Post Its

Just the other day, I actually heard this quote, "I'm a guy, I've used all my words. " I laughed when I heard that because I have no idea...what that feels like. I get a lot of thoughts throughout the course of one day. Those thoughts usually turn into words. Those words into posts. And so far....I haven't run out of words yet...I wonder what that would really feel like?

Recently, I was at the hospital. Now...don't freak out, but I was there with someone else getting a blood test. That's all, nothing serious. What did I see? Pajama pants. Now I could write a blog post at about that and how not one of those patients.... seriously ...were an emergency. There were no compound fractures either, but there were a lot of pajama pants. That would be a pants post.

I drive to and from work which takes up 1.5 hours out of my day. My friend Tina was concerned about me writing in the dark on my small notepad. Because of her concern, she bought me a little mini recorder that I can just whip out and record any and all thoughts. Now I just have to learn to operate it in the dark. Now that could be dark post.

With all this social network community thing that we are trying to build with our profiles, twitters, and outreach to new friends, we are really becoming disconnected with ourselves and others. Now that's a see ya later post.

I was in Denver recently, and out of the one of the bedroom windows, you can see a mountain scape that will take your breath away. Now that really will be a post called Straining to See.

I thought Texas was the only state that had the big stuff. Nope....not true, while in Colorado, I found a big bag of God-sized marshmallows. (See the picture at the top of this post.) I am not sure why anybody would buy them.

I believe there are a 1000 people reading this between my website, my blog, Facebook, and twitter. Yes, I am joking. I dream of glossy covers with lots of words in between. But that needs to be researched first before it's post. Today, God confirmed that I just need to write, not just dream about the glossy covers...He will take care of those. And guessed's a joke post.

I was once asking out loud in a grocery store about a large white mass of goo called tripe and why would a store sell it....since it is so gross. I thought it was acceptable behavior. Not everyone agreed. Everyone should post about that, it would be a banned post.

I have a lot of words about a lot more and out of my mind. Written on post its, notepads (not iPads), recorded on a small recorder, started in drafts, still editing them, some on post its and more on small pieces of papers. And yes...those will be future posts.

So it's true, if you have a conversation with me, or an epiphany or, a laugh or we merge over's likely that our words or the thoughts conveyed there, have been or will soon be a post. Because that's is just how I think. I am trying to be ok with that. Are you? Share some words with someone today.

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