Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Power of the ONE

As the new year approaches there is the all-consuming and intimidating pressure to make a huge list of heart-felt resolutions, only to be broken in a record 2 days. I find that when I do make a long list of resolutions I set myself up for failure and disappointment. Frankly I have had plenty of those this year.... so I will pass.

For me it's all about the ONE. ONE decision that will make a big change. Maybe this is the year you add ONE thing to your list of things you want to do on a daily basis. Or in the new year you take away ONE thing from your list. Whatever it is...challenge yourself to make ONE change. Come on... you can do just ONE. Make the ONE decision, make ONE change, take ONE step.

Take action to bring a change. ONE result of ONE thing is better than nothing. Consistency is key. The point is to go forward, make a change, anticipate results. Last year Brent and I challenged ourselves to read the Bible in a year. I can honestly say that with ONE positive change, that decision deeply impacted my daily life. I had to decide to do it though. Now 365 days later, I am reaping the benefits of the power of ONE decision.

Maybe you need to lose some weight, get in better shape, or use less scotch tape. Whatever the decision is....just make it. With ONE decision, new habit, or right choice, your ONE first step becomes easier. Experience the power of the ONE.
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