Friday, January 14, 2011

No Boys Allowed!

My mom used to say, "If everything in life was as easy as doing the dishes, we wouldn't have any problems in this world." That never made sense to me. I hated doing the dishes actually. For years she was lone cook and bottle washer at a private school where I went as a child. After lunch, I used to go into the kitchen during recess, and eventually and most always helped her with the lunch dishes. I didn't like that part very much...the doing the dishes part. She acted like she didn't mind though and I always admired that. As the children played outside during recess, she would watch out of kitchen window, and tell me some of her nuggets of wisdom, filling my head with sayings didn't make sense to me then. Funny thing was, I thought she was sooo wise.

I was helping a friend with some dishes today and I was reminded about those dish-washing moments with my mom, and how she did them daily without complaining. I was sharing about some things I was praying through and some answers that I felt like God was telling me. She was quiet, patient, methodical with the task at hand. The best thing she was offered was her open ears, and willingly compassionate heart for understanding. She washed them, I dried them. Spilling my concerns like water out of a faucet. She didn't try to fix things, she listened. I spilled my tears, my fears and she offered me her quiet strength, her prayers. She received my words.

I had some revelations today...some words from God of assurance. I understand now about my mom's simple "dishes" theory. It was a bubble-laden formed friendship. It wasn't really about dishes at all. It was connecting moments with sharing hearts. I know...... this is just a "girl" post". This is almost as good as snuggling up on a couch with a warm blanket on a snowy evening reading a great book along with mug of hot coffee and a bag of popcorn!! And boys allowed!

Share some some heart today, listen to a friend.

P.S. My mom also said "work smarter not harder"...I'm still working on that one.

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