Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Valentine's Day....

Nice to meet you again. Can I just say right off the top that... I kind of dread your entry this time of year? Not trying to be a negative Nellie here....I just don't like the pressure you put on me to buy your heart shaped chocolate filled boxes and love-filled greeting cards. Will there ever be a less calorie version of Valentine's Day for us "weight watchers" out here?

Love on flip side. However, I do want to say thank you...despite your huge push of commercialism and your constant taunting of your chocolate covered fares. Even when your calorie laden treats are all up in my face, you remind me that:

Love is a verb. That love should be shown everyday, not just on the 14th day of the second month of the year.

Love is shared. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share that God's love is the biggest, the best, the most sought after love one could pursue. You see Valentine's day it's really about God and His ultimate expression and demonstration of real love.

Love is honored. Thank you for reminding my husband that he should love me like Christ loves the church. As great as he is... sometimes he needs that reminder. I need the reminder to honor him always.

And lastly,

Love is patient. Thanks for being patient with those who are still waiting for the "perfect" someone. Even though we both know, deep in our hearts, those perfect people don't exist, thanks for allowing them to dream. And please, if you could, give me an extra dose of love to show those who are broken hearted today. God hasn't forgotten about them according to Ps. 34:18 and neither should I.

Say "I love you" today. Thanks for reminding me it's more about the Love that I can show, rather than the calories attached.

How are you going to show love today?

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