Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Better Resting Place

There is a small locally owned motel in my town that has this slogan on their sign, "A Better Resting Place". I chuckle every morning as I pass by because also on the sign is the word budget. It's called Budget Inn Motel. Something about the combination of the words used on the sign makes me think twice about staying there...motel + budget + it-has-been-there-since-the-dawn-of- time makes me think that it might be a little on the economical side of the travel lodging. What strikes me is their slogan. Some how I doubt rest is found there.

When staying at a hotel it is really about how comfy the beds are, with anticipation of getting rest, rest that compares to how you sleep at home. I have stayed at some hotels where the bed was like a slab of cement with a sheet on top. So much for their 5 star rating...I'm just sayin'. At the Budget Motel, I imagine the beds to be really hard or so soft that you automatically roll to the middle of the mattress.

A better resting place is needed in this crazy mixed up world we live in. With our everyday challenges and schedules, life can feel like ride in an amusement park. It's often been described as merry-go-round or a roller coaster. If you are like me you are looking for a little "normal" in the day to day things. Something calm and peaceful. Believe me when everything falls apart and when it doesn't....we need a better resting place.

I like to think about my Heavenly Father's lap as that resting place. I feel so small there. It's a place where I can kick off my shoes, sit back and let out a big sigh and talk till my heart's cry is heard. It's a beautiful and quiet place, a place where I am held safely in His loving arms. He leans over and listens, I sit still and "know that He is God." My words are measured but His love, mercy, grace, and comfort are unlimited. His lap is always accessible and has plenty of room. When I seek His resting place it seems as if the whole world fades away. I like to spend a lot of time there. And once I come away from His lap.... well.... I feel rested. Ps. 62:5 "Yes, my, soul, find rest in God; my hopes come from him. " I love the way He holds me.

Seek your Better Resting Place today.

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