Thursday, February 3, 2011

Green Bay Packers = Cheese

WARNING: THIS POST MAY OFFEND YOU. That is not my intent. I am merely speaking an opinion. You can address your hate mail to janelle@idon'

YAY!! I know who's playing in the Super Bowl game this year. I even know that it is the 400,000th year for the BIG GAME. The Green Bay Packers VS. Pittsburg Steelers are facing off to see who has the best football playing skills. My pick? The Packers of course, because I like cheese and the Steelers have always been a mean team. However, Andy Youso just told me the reason the Packers are called the packers because they are meat packers. I thought it was because they packed cheese. Ok, I guess I don't know as much as I thought. I don't really like meat in general, except for chicken, so I may have to pick another team.

Here's why I don't care or like football and this is just my opinion! Okay? I am not the voice of most (there's your disclaimer). AND I will not judge you for liking it either. If you love football for whatever reason, then maybe you should stop reading right now. (Insert happy face here)

If you made it this far...then hear me out:

It consumes. People are down right lunatic when it comes to this sport. Crazy in the most extreme dimensions. Radical measures are taken to get tickets, hotels, and travel. Fans act like they are desperate. I don't get it. I can't comprehend why people go to such lengths to be a part of just a football game.

It steals. It takes away time from husbands and wives and children. Think of the investment of minutes spent with the entertainment of it. To sit mindless in front of a TV screen. Enough said. There is a redeeming quality in the fact that some people use it as a fellowship moment. I think that is good, but again it is centered around football. And so much money is spent on everything. And those commercials....a whopping $2.5 and $2.8 million for a 30 second commercial on CBS.

It boasts. There will be one winner, that's obvious. But getting to the final nail biting seconds of victory, there will be countless statements made of who boasts the best. The proud will be loud. Both teams will banter about who has the best skills, commentators will predict the winner. But in the end... one team will lose.

Now I realize I really slammed the sport. Someone just told me I need to pray about it. I guess I do. I am sure there are some good things that happen at the Super Bowl. If you want to to convince me, go ahead. I just wanted you to be aware. If you read this far, and I have offended you, I'm sorry.
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