Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Results - I Disappoint

My struggle within
There is a struggle within.  The results seem to be hidden.

I have been asking myself "Why write"?

I say have been called by God to write, but have I?    OR is this just my dream?

I fail, most times, thinking about ideas, posting ideas, writing ideas, communicating and then the worst... following through with my ideas.  I have a lot of activity in the thought processes but getting things down on paper or in posts is a big challenge.

My priorities fail.  I can't or don't commit time to write.  I don't commit to the follow through.  I fail to see results.  I fail to trust God for the results.  I fail.  I disappoint.

I guess this is a part of the process.  Examining where you need to grow.  Because that is where God wants to strengthen.  That is where He needs to work.

Is writing just my dream?  I have doubt.  I don't see results.  This attitude affects my writing...I am my own worst critic.

I must not trust in my struggle but in the things unseen.  The results are God's because only He can see.  He sees my inner struggles too.  I feel that my words don't matter all.  My words disappoint.  I pray for more of God to show.  I am committing to see more results in line with God's heart.  I hope you will see the results.  This is my struggle within.

What's yours?
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