Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why My Yard Doesn't Look Like Yards on Google

Not my yard
Let's be honest...because my yard is just really pasture grass, I will only see grass like this picture on Google.  It's doesn't matter.  But I still have to mow my pasture grass.  Every time I mow, I get more than I bargained for plus a blister or two.

Once I mow a strip of uneven surface of turf, it creates what I call "mowing stripes".  You know... those invisible indentations from the mower wheels that shows that you just mowed that part.  Most people use those stripes as the indicator to start the next row.  Like a reminder of where you have been so you know where you are mowing next.

So I mow.....

making blisters on my palms....

breathing in the Oklahoma dust...

sweating like a man...

and then God drops this in my heart. 

"You have spiritual "stripes" too."  

"Remember that time I took away your worry of how to pay for a $2000 blood test?" 

"Exactly how many surgeries has your family been through successfully?"

"Remember what I taught you on that hill in the Dominican Republic?"

"Remember what I am teaching you right now?"

I mowed continually until the job was done, all the while, remembering that God has been faithful in my life...through, and in spite past. 

I see how He has worked.  I see how He has provided.  I see how He made a way when nothing made sense.

I see God working.  

Those mowing memories are "stripes" in my heart that mark miracles,  mysteries, and my Maker's continual maintenance in my present.  May my yard always be a ready place for making marvelous mowing memories.  Because I remember, I have hope to carry on, I have hope for the future.  I see where to go as a I follow closely behind.  Even if... it results in giving me blisters. 
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