Friday, July 15, 2011

Why I Have Enrolled in Obedience School

I have much to learn.  Especially in the school of exercise.  I am sometimes afraid to try new things.

This week I did try something new though...just because.  I have been getting up early in the cool of the summer morning and walking for about 35- 40 minutes before going into the studio and be your morning DJ.  The new thing that I tried was adding a new component to the walk.  Alternative periods of running.  I was able to get an extra mile in the same time frame.   

But you have to know...I am not a runner.  I don't have the desire to be a runner either.  I would like to know that if I had to run 3.1 miles or a 5K, to save a life I could without collapsing on the side of the road and be carried off by an ambulance.  And on my bucket list....well that is a secret, but it involves endurance.  

I have tried to do a running schedule before and I just didn't make the grade.  Oh I tried to learn, but I just never got the hang of it.  I never arrived at running.  One problem was that I couldn't stick with it, I thought it was too hard.  I never got my legs and my lungs to work together.  I never arrived at breathing right in the rhythm of the run.  

As I was gasping for air this morning I was wondering if it was worth it all.  Would I ever learn how to run and breath at the same time?  Would I ever arrive at running?  The early morning path was dark and one would know that I just gave up.  I could have just stopped.  I just wanted to arrive at my ending point.

As I was nearing the home stretch leg of this workout time this morning, God reminded me to stick to the plan.  It was then that I enrolled in His school of obedience.  He wants to build endurance in me.  He reminded me that this is a start of the new thing He wants to do in my heart.  

I won't worry about arriving at the ribbon race line just yet.  Each step I take is actually a small victory.   Each step is a step away from where I have been.  Each step is moving me forward fitness and towards a healthier body.  This is going to take time.  Training takes time, discipleship takes time.  

It's a slow process of building, of arriving.  It's no wonder that many people give up on their goals.  We forget that we can't have a fit body instantly.  We forget we won't have a fit faith instantly.  We compare our beginnings to the next iron man's middle.  I foolishly loose sight of the focus for the sake of the chase.  And when I don’t get to the end quickly, I conclude it’s not worth it or that I am not qualified to complete.  God is building endurance in me.

I don't want to give up on this.  Remind me that every step I take is a victory. Every step is an arrival.  I guess I will show up for class.

How are you training?
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