Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's Do Lunch!

While on vacation..our family stopped for some lunch at the food court in a big mall.  It was the busiest part of the day and was packed.  So I retreated to one of the tables on the fringe and sat while I observed the customers.  There was one thing that was consistent.    

It was especially apparent in the young ladies I saw.  By the way they dressed, they were screaming for attention.  Maybe I am just a little old fashioned.  Honestly I was a little embarrassed by what I saw and I was saddened by the lack in self-control and discipline displayed.  

I realize that modesty is a thing of the past.  Perhaps, there is a bigger problem..that today's young don't realize their value in God.  I didn't learn that, some days ...I am still learning.  

Here are some words I would say, if I had the chance.  

You’re enough, you are.

In God's eyes you are loved...just the way you are.

You are loved in the deepest part where only He finds your tears.

Lean in and listen close..don't miss this.  God loved you first.

Looking for love?  God has plenty just for you.

Want to be accepted?  He's got your size.  

As you look longingly at your reflection for an image you want to create

You really only have to look to your Creator.  

The Hands that made you, and the Heart that saved you, 
made yours and holds. 

The Maker wants you close, He wants to keep you near

You are loved.  Just like you are...right now.

He wants to meet you here

and show you great and mighty things. 

Come...sit down... and stay a while.

See My Heart?  There's plenty of room.

Seek why I love you.

I would say the Love and acceptance you are looking for can't be found on the rack, in these stores, in this mall.  There's only One who loves.   You are loved, you are beautiful. 
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