Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Why to Africa

Front of t-shirt
Many of you know that I am going to Africa in Oct.  I am very excited about it and think about it a lot.  Okay...everyday.  Passions for missions runs deep within me for some reason.  When I hear Josh Wilson's song "I Refuse" it just states out loud "my why's".

You can read the post here.  You like the bear picture?  yeah I do too...he's sitting so pretty!

You can keep up with my journey to Swaziland at this blog.  And you can see more about who is going here

I am writing in 3 blogs right now.  Not to mention guest posts here and here. That's how much I like words.  

Back of t-shirt
And if you want to a cool Swaziland t-shirt you can get one here.   

This is not a mission trip, this is my mission.
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