Thursday, December 1, 2011

Moving On

A great snack!
He bounces into the building most days with a story of some kind or a new toy to share.  When I see him I look for his smile because he brings such joy. I get to visit with him often and when he is near he always checks in to see how I am doing.  I enjoy his stories....he is so full of life at five.  Someday he is going to make some young lady the man of her dreams.  

This little guy is funny, quirky, sometimes shy, hardly ever sad.  He is a bundle of energy, a challenge to keep up with.   One day, he stopped my desk and was eating a snack.  I commented about how I see him eating the same snack a lot, and I noted that it must be his "favorite".  By his choosing, he gobbles down his best snack choice, a pack of bread sticks with a side cup of cheese.  He told me in his little-man voice,  "I just like the bread sticks".    

He consistently sacrifices the cheese dip to get to the prize of the bread sticks.  This seems opposite of what you might expect.  Who doesn't like the cheese?  But I agree that he has made a great choice.

We are faced with choices on a minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day basis.  Most times we just think about making choices between right and wrong.  But I think for Christians, God's call for real life choices is between good and great.  

I have to admit that most of my life has just been at the mediocre level.  Doing what I needed to do just get by or make someone happy.  Most of us just never seem to seek God at that deep of a level.  We tend to stick to what is comfortable, the easy, the common.  I sometimes allow the world to influence my choices so that I blend in rather than stand out.  And in turn, because of those choices, I sacrifice the greater good on the mediocre altar resulting in the lukewarm.  

One of my 2011 resolutions has been to go deeper in my Bible study with God.  As I seek Him at every turn, my eyes have been opened on how much I have relied on my own perceived strength, knowledge, control and drive.  It has been my choice. deceived I was.  

I strive to know knowledge but now I am seeking Truth.  I have given up half-hearted worship, pity tithes and my service to please.  I am choosing His greatness over my perceived good.  I don't want to just live in the shadow of God's life that He has intended for me.      

I am learning to sacrifice the good for the great.  Giving up things that I love for what I love more.  No matter the matter the sacrifice...the cost of discipleship.  It's not that I was a bad person....but I admit that at times with some choices, I have swallowed the Deceiver's lie.  It's God's choices that I seek.  
Don't just be content with the good.  Go for God-great.  Don't settle for just right or wrong...God has more in mind for you than just mediocre or ordinary.  It’s time for me to move past good and move up to the great.
What are you willing to give up to gain His great?
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