Monday, November 7, 2011

Music & Video Monday [Power of Your Love]

Music Monday goes to video!  Today's post includes a video that was done by Lloyd Rachels, a fellow team member who traveled with us to Swaziland.  He has done a good job putting our mission trip highlights to some thoughtful lyrics from Worth Dying For.  The song?  Power of Your Love.  Enjoy.

Amazing love, you gave it all
You took the place of sin
You tore the veil for my wrong
No greater love have I known

And all will see
Your love inside of me

The power of Your love has saved me
The power of Your love restored me
The power of Your love never fails me
Your love is all I need Jesus

Verse 2:
Matchless love, You rescued me
Was bound but now I'm free
Once was lost, now I'm home
No greater love have I known

I'll go I'll show

When you put powerful lyrics together with simple images...amazing results. 

May those who need continue to inspire us all.
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