Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Monday [Remedy]

This week's musical highlight by Disciple is one that might be hard for you to read.  I like the beats and words in this song, but after thinking about the lyrics, I have a little more understanding.  Maybe this will help you too.  

I see the world in black and gray
Broken dreams of a runaway
Escape the world to medicate
Symptoms gone but disease remains

If the vision dies will it ever breathe again
I've got to let go of this illusion
This is the end of me, You are my remedy
It's taking its toll - this pollution
This is the end of me, You are my remedy
Where You stop is where You'll start again

I hold the weight of sorrow deep
Wide awake but my mind's asleep
Familiar needle scratches on my skin
Like a record warped with ill content


I've got to let go of all of this
It's the end of me, my remedy

Here's my  take on it.  We are all looking for a remedy.  Be honest with yourself.  We have problems, many of them are of our own making.  And because we sin, we need solutions.  We have to get to the end ourselves before we recognize that though.  Realization may take years or minutes.  The end result is that when we come to the end of our sin, when we surrender, we still need a fix.  Today's remedy is Jesus.  We need forgiveness, God's mercy and grace.  We need love in it's finest form.  

Trying to break old habits and make new ones?  
Breaking free of sin patterns that bind you into a continual spiral of sorrow?  
Looking back at the damage you have caused yourself and your family with your so-called broken dreams?  

God is your remedy.  I know....that sounds too say.  But it's true.  What sins are you needing to confess?  Are you seeking God in everything?  Are you honoring Him with all your actions?  Are you letting His Word be your daily guide for living?

Sin is and always will be a deceptive lure away from God.  The distance you feel from God is one of your own making.  As we move we wonder where God is.  God is always with us, and God doesn't change, God doesn't move.  But sin separates us from God.  By acknowledging that we have messed up, we must confess and admit that we need a remedy.  We were created to need Savior.  God knew back in our womb moments, we were going to need Him today.  I am glad He thought this life plan out.  I am thankful there is a remedy.  At the end of me, yes Jesus is my remedy.
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